regular installation



  • raspberry pi (any model)
  • micro SD card (4GB+ / CLASS 10)
    • micro SD card reader
  • power-supply with micro-usb (at least 2.0A)
  • usb-wifi/-wlan module (e.g. edimax N150 Nano (EW-7811Un))

you will also need

  • keyboard
  • hdmi cable


write image to SD card

  • insert the SD card into your SD card reader and check the drive letter Y:\
  • download and extract raspbian lite
  • download and extract Win32DiskImager
  • run the executable

you may need to run this as administrator. right-click on the file, and select run as administrator.

  • select the Image File you extracted earlier
  • select the drive letter Y:\ of the SD card in the Device drowpdown
  • click on Write and wait for the write to complete
  • exit the application and eject the SD card

put all parts together

  • insert the SD card into the slot on the raspberry
  • connect:
    • the hdmi cable
    • the keyboard
    • the usb-wifi/-wlan module
    • and the power supply to the micro usb port

setup raspbian

run sudo raspi-config


wifi / wireless lan

Please see network for further details.